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This report reaches you a bit later than usual. However, thanks to the work of our Webmaster, Heather Dichter, many things that I used to tell you in out bulletin or newsletter can only now be found on our constantly updated website.

ISHPES can look back on a successful year 2015 with 140 members from 34 countries by the time of our conference, though we still have only a few members from Oceania and the African continent. Our annual congress was titled "Coming from the Past, Working in the Present, Looking in the Future: Aims, Topics, Results in Sport History". It was organized by the Croatian Society for Sport History, the Croatian Olympic Academy and Split Sports Association with Zrinko Čustonja, president of the organizing team in Split. It took place in Croatia from 18-22 August had around 100 participants from 31 countries (including North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe). Not only did we listen to a variety of excellent papers, but we also could enjoy now and then the seaside in the middle of August.

ISHPES is currently accepting applications for the 2016 Junior Scholar Award. The ISHPES GIGLIOLA GORI JUNIOR SCHOLAR AWARD will be presented at the 2016 ISHPES Seminar to be held in Paris, France, 29 June-2 July 2016.

It is awarded for an unpublished essay of outstanding quality in the field of sport history. Eligible scholars must be a member of ISHPES and a registered student (undergraduate or graduate) at the time of the Congress or a junior scholar (within one year of receiving a PhD). The essay must be submitted in English and the text itself (including notes and bibliography) must not exceed 10,000 words.

Check out highlights from the 2015 ISHPES Congress in Split, Croatia, via the ISHPES Storify page!


Sites of sport in history

June 29 - July 2, 2016 in Paris, France

Call for abstracts [pdf version]

More information can be found on the ISHPES Congress page.

University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
National School of Architecture of Paris
French Society for Sports History

University Paris-Est
LABEX Futurs urbains

Congress topic and subtopics

For the 17th ISHPES Congress, researchers are invited to submit papers related to “Sites of sport in history” – these words being taken in their widest sense. Papers are expected to meet the following sub-themes or one of the three specific symposia:


  • Globalisation and glocalisation of sports cultures
  • The spreading of sports cultures: acculturation and innovation
  • Sports facilities: architectures and urban planning
  • Outdoor sports in nature and cities
  • Indoor sports and spatial segregation
  • Sport as a contested space
  • Gendered sports sites
  • Sport in figurative space: art, literature, film
  • Sports heritage and sites of memory
  • Physical education and sport in schools/colleges/universities
  • Welfare state and urban planning in sport
  • Open paper


  • Health promotion and sports sites
  • Sports sites in closed institutions
  • Conflict of land use in sports and tourist areas

Guidelines for abstract submission

1. Abstract submission is exclusively online via the ISHPES Conference Submission Page.

2. The online form will invite you to inform the following points :

A. Name of the author(s), your institutional affiliation and position, your office and mobile phone numbers, and email addresses.

B. The paper’s title followed by a 300 words (maximum) abstract of the proposed paper. The abstract should include the question(s) addressed in the paper, the evidence to be used, a precise statement of the argument and conclusions, and what significance the paper has to our understanding of sports history.

C. Please specify also to what sub-theme or symposium your abstract is related.

3. All abstracts will be assessed by two members of the scientific committee.

The official language of the congress is English.

Presenters need to be an ISHPES member to present a paper, and a person can only present one paper as first author. Join ISHPES now.

Leena Laine, a founding member of ISHPES, was honored as an honorary member at the 2015 Congress in Split, Croatia.